Anja Bonatto-Minella: when Scrum teams ask for help, help them!

When teams that are new to Scrum start adopting a new way of working, there’s a window of opportunity to help them. When they are still new and recognize that they need help. In this episode, we review the story of a team that had a difficult project ahead, and how Anja and the rest of the organization went about finding a way to help the team.

A reminder that teams sometimes ask for help, and that’s the right time to help them!

About Anja Bonatto-Minella

Working with agile and scrum only since for a year Anja still considers herself a scrum-beginner. Before starting at her currrent job which brought her into the world of agile, she studied physics and then worked in research for several years.

You can link with Anja Bonatto-Minella on LinkedIn.

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