Richard Griffiths on how talkative cultures help create safety in Scrum teams

When talking about cultures, we often talk about the contrasts. What makes certain cultures more Scrum-friendly, or the opposite. In this episode, we talk about how certain cultures’ focus on more conversation can help create safe spaces for the team, and help them be more collaborative. But we also talk about the concept of “time”, and how the different perspectives on time (e.g. cyclic vs linear time) can affect the adoption of Scrum.

In this episode, we also refer to the premier Agile conference in Ireland, the Agile-Lean Ireland conference.

About Richard Griffiths

Lapsed software developer, agile and scrum learner, tenor, drummer.
Richard guides and coaches Scrum Teams and organizations on how to use Agile/Scrum practices and values. Helping to teach, facilitate, collaborate & mentor software development teams, enhancing their agile maturity through coaching technical practices as well as the ceremonies and techniques. Richard likes to help teams and organizations obtain higher levels of maturity, at a pace that is sustainable and comfortable for the team and organization.

You can link with Richard Griffiths on LinkedIn and connect with Richard Griffiths on Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Richard Griffiths on how talkative cultures help create safety in Scrum teams”

  1. Richard,

    Love the podcast – Thank you for sharing. My experiences with Scrum conversion of a team is about how fast adoption is occurring. I agree with keeping the people as human and that team is better than the one. Treating the people on the team as a group that solves problems together. Most of the teams I have worked with I see the group helping others and becoming very close. I really love that. I really think this is why I love Scrum so much.


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