Massimiliano Fattorusso: what Scrum Masters can do, when “failure is not an option”

There are cultures that put a high premium of failure. They devise all kinds of approaches to avoid failure. This is in contrast with the Agile perspective of failing fast, in other words, to fail before the failure is catastrophic.

However, as Scrum Masters, we must help our teams, and our organizations be comfortable with small failures, as that is what drives learning and helps the teams evolve.

Small, and quick failures may even be the fastest way to take a team from mediocre to high-productivity.

In this episode, we talk about how Scrum Masters can face, and overcome the fear of failure that exists in some cultures.

About Massimiliano Fattorusso

Massimiliano has a strong interest in agile methodologies and lean principles. He is keen on sharing lessons learned as a speaker at international and local conferences. Empathy, creativity and drive to innovate is part of his identity. Massimiliano is not afraid of addressing the uncomfortable truth, that’s how he helps bring teams forward.

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