BIG LAUNCH: The @scrumpodcast Coach Your Product Owner e-course v2.0

Helping our Product Owners is a key part of the job a Scrum Master has.

Product Owners, as Antti Tevanlinna puts it, are responsible for making value explicit! (a great episode, by the way!)

So, I’ve been working for 1 year to put this e-course together.

I’ve coached Product Owners (check the video below). I’ve released some modules to collect feedback, and finally, I’ve asked what makes it hard to coach your Product Owner.

All of that to make this e-course available to you! The Coach Your Product Owner e-course v2.0 is now available.

You can check it out here.

Read on for details and a surprise! 🙂

The modules

The course has 9 modules that take the most important anti-patterns that Scrum Masters face when working with Product Owners.

Here’s the list of modules in this course:

  • Module 01 – Sprint Checklist – Dealing with an Overly Busy or Absent PO
  • Module 02 – How Scrum Masters can onboard a new or beginner Product Owner
  • Module 03 – How to work with a Skeptical PO, who’s new to Agile and does not have the right skills
  • Module 04 – How to scale up the Product Owner role to serve multiple teams and multiple products without spending more time
  • Module 05 – How to recover from the “PO not empowered” anti-pattern, building confidence, clarity in direction, and consensus building skills to help PO’s
  • Module 06 – How to help the Product Owner manage multiple stakeholders
  • Module 07 – Helping the Product Owner make prioritization decisions – 5 Prioritization techniques you can use in minutes, not days
  • Module 08 – The Critical documents/artifacts a Product Owner is responsible for, and how they help the success of the Product and team
  • Module 09 – 5 Techniques you can use to get feedback quickly and help the Product Owner benefit from quicker feedback

Much more is also available

You’ve noticed that this is version 2.0 of the course, but what was version 1.0?

I’m glad you asked 🙂

Here’s what is included in version 1.0, which is also available now:

  • Module 01 – Anti-patterns of Product Owner Role, and how to help PO’s avoid or get out of them
  • Module 02 – Product Owner vs Product Manager – the break-down and coaching the Product Owner
  • Module 03 – Metrics that drive product success – ACTIONABLE metrics vs. Vanity Metrics
  • Module 04 – Doing the Right Things – understanding and communicating customer needs
  • Module 05 – How to roadmap so that neither the CEO or the team hate you
  • Module 06 – A quick and impactful method to prioritize the backlog
  • Module 07 – How to size backlog items without estimation in a way that drives collaboration
  • Module 08 – Defining the perfect Sprint Goal
  • Module 09 – Quickly defining acceptance criteria

But there’s even more!

Learning is great and necessary. But sometimes you need a helping a hand. A partner, a mentor to share their experience, going through a similar situation.

Talk to your peers, share your questions, and learn from their own experiences.

Or, take our coaching program! For a limited time, our coaching program is now available. Want to know more? Check out Jamie’s video below.

Jamie went through our coaching program and has this to share:

Go get the course while it is steeply discounted, only for the launch week! You’ll get a 100 USD discount on the coaching program if you purchase now!

Checkout the e-course here!

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