Silvana Wasitova on How to Handle the “It’s not my Decision” Anti-pattern

Many teams expect that decisions are made “elsewhere” and they just need to execute. In Agile this is an anti-pattern that repeats over and over again. We discuss with Silvana how to detect the early signs of this anti-pattern and how to tackle it in our role as Scrum Masters.

Featured Book of the Week: Coaching Agile Teams by Less Adkins

In Coaching Agile Teams by Lyssa Adkins, Silvana found important lessons on how to engage with the teams, and how to change her mind about the role of a Coach or Scrum Master. Listen in to learn about the key lessons that book had for Silvana.

About Silvana Wasitova

Silvana Wasitova, Enterprise Agile Coach, helps teams and companies achieve better results through applying and living Agile values and principles. Scrum practitioner since 2005. Silvana lives and breathes the agile value of “People over Process”, and brings that to the forefront of her coaching work with teams and companies, while focused on the client’s audacious goals and desired results. Silvana has aided multinational enterprise Agile transformations in United States, UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Indonesia and Switzerland with clients including Yahoo, Nestle, Skype, Microsoft, financial enterprises as well as startups.

You can link with Silvana Wasitova on LinkedIn and connect with Silvana Wasitova on Twitter.

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