Elizabeth Christensen on The Need to Adapt Scrum to non-SW teams

When supporting a team with the adoption of Scrum, Liz had to consider what the goals of the team were. For that team, success was simply staying at the same level of performance. In this process Liz learned an important lesson about success for Scrum Masters: not all teams have the same definition of success, and we must be aware of what the team mates, how they contribute and accept that Scrum might not work out-of-the-box for all teams.

Featured Retrospective Format for the Week: Worked well / Didn’t work well / Continue / Goals for next Iteration

When defining the format for the “next” retrospective it is easy to get lost in the many, many options that are out there. In this episode Liz explains why she prefers a format that is familiar, simple and consistent (Worked well / Didn’t work well / Continue / Goals for next Iteration Retrospective Format). We also talk about one of the most important rules: what is discussed in the retro, stays in the retro!

About Elizabeth Christensen

Elizabeth Christensen shares tales from the not-so-cutting-edge, bringing Scrum to Marketing. She is currently developing scrum practices for a marketing team. With a background in business management & team leadership this self-proclaimed scrappy new Scrum Master finds her way in a never-before-experienced opportunity.

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