Peter Zylka on the important Scrum Master job of helping the team reflect

It’s clear that one of our jobs, as Scrum Masters is to help the team reflect. And, in this episode, Peter describes how he turns that expectation into a measure of his own success as a Scrum Master. Listen it to learn what are the signs, and symptoms that help Peter assess his own success as a Scrum Master.

Featured Retrospective Format for the Week: Oscar Academy Awards Retrospective

The Oscar Academy Awards Awards retrospective format helps the team find a new dynamic for the retrospective. It’s a fun, but insightful format that can then be followed up with an action-oriented finale that helps the team pick up the most important improvement items to, for example, avoid having an annoying story like the one that won the “Most Annoying Story of this Sprint” award.

About Peter Zylka

Peter is a freelancing Scrum Master who really loves what he does.

Peter is passionate about Agility and loves supporting teams and organizations on their way into the agile world. As a Scrum Master his goal is to enable each individual in the team to perform the best possible way and to actually understand what a team really is all about.

He starts every day with the goal to make the people around him better.

You can link with Peter Zylka on LinkedIn.

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