Kyle Aretae on the success metrics that help Scrum Masters improve

In this episode, Kyle contributes some of his thoughts on metrics, and how they can help Scrum Masters measure their own, and the team’s success. This reflection has led him to define a set of metrics to assess the Agility in a team. Listen in to learn about the metrics that Kyle defines as the success barometer for him as Scrum Master, as well as for the team.

Featured Retrospective for the Week: Repeatable and focusing on positive energy

When Kyle reaches for his favorite retrospective formats he wants one that he is familiar with, and that improves the positive energy in the team. In the retrospective, as well as in other Scrum ceremonies he facilitates he asks 3 questions designed to assess how well that particular instance of the ceremony delivered value. Listen in to learn what are Kyle’s 3 questions.

About Kyle Aretae

Kyle has been programming since ’81. Teaching since ’91. Practicing Agile (Extreme Programming – XP) since 2000. Kyle is always interested first in better ways to understand things and systems. Especially interested in Complex (CAS/VUCA) Systems like building software or the economy at large.

You can find Kyle Areate at, or link with Kyle Areate on LinkedIn.

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