Ilya Bibik on how Scrum Masters can identify possible future problems with teams

How can you identify that a team is starting to fail, possibly going into a negative behaviour pattern that will eventually lead to problems? In this episode we review a set of signals that you can use to review your team’s behaviour and detect possible problems ahead.

Featured Book of the Week: Stages of Group Development by Tuckman

This week we recommend a paper, where Bruce Tuckman, of the famous Tuckman’s “stages of group development” model describes his famous model. Unfortunately that article is not freely available for everyone to read, so we stick to the wikipedia entry for the Tuckman’s “stages of group development” model.

About Ilya Bibik

Ilya has about 16 years experience in software development and more than 7 years experience in the Scrum Master role. On top of Software engineering, Ilya has also a background as a school teacher and military service that helps him with his Scrum Master role. Recently Ilya published a book “How to Kill the scrum Monster” that he wished he had read 8 years ago.

You can link with Ilya Bibik on LinkedIn and connect with Ilya Bibik on Twitter.

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