Elizabeth Christensen on Applying Scrum outside Software Development: a Marketing team

Scrum is an approach to managing work, and helping teams collaborate. In non-SW teams, however, some things are harder to adopt. Listen in to learn how Liz helped a Marketing team use Scrum, and what were the major obstacles they faced when adopting Scrum.

Featured Book of the Week: Strategic Planning by Bryson

In Strategic Planning by John M. Bryson Liz found some important lessons about how to lead a team with a mission. In Strategic Planning by Bryson we can read about how to lead an organisation and a team with intent.

About Elizabeth Christensen

Elizabeth Christensen shares tales from the not-so-cutting-edge, bringing Scrum to Marketing. She is currently developing scrum practices for a marketing team. With a background in business management & team leadership this self-proclaimed scrappy new Scrum Master finds her way in a never-before-experienced opportunity.

You can link with Elizabeth Christensen on LinkedIn.

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