Paulo Rodriguez on how even small changes can wake up a team

In this team Paulo was facing an environment of complacency. The team wasn’t taking initiative, not holding their daily stand ups unless asked to. Paulo had to come up with ways to help the team raise their energy level and commitment to the Scrum process. It is a story on how helping to raise the level of energy in the team meetings helped the team get excited and have productive meetings.

Featured Book of the Week: Drive, by Daniel Pink

Continuing the theme from the previous episode, we talk about rewards and their impact on teams. In the book Drive, Daniel Pink explores what research has revealed about the use of rewards in different environments, and that helped Paulo find better ways to use rewards. Listen in to learn about his tips.  

About Paulo Rodriguez

Paulo has worked in the IT industry for 15 years. He started as a web developer for a local bank. His Agile journey began in 2015 and he’s been a Scrum Master for 3 years. Paulo is also a Certified Professional Scrum Master from (PSM I).

You can link with Paulo Rodriguez on LinkedIn and connect with Paulo Rodriguez on Twitter.

One thought on “Paulo Rodriguez on how even small changes can wake up a team”

  1. I think part of the core idea of Drive is that daily stand ups are a distraction from productive work. A person who is invested in their work and their team will be trying to find moments of flow, and ask questions at the relevant time because they have strong social bonds. The daily standup can be an interruption to this ; micromanagement and discouraging problem solving when it comes up naturally vs. a set time each day.

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