Gilberto Urueta: how to overcome the “new guy” syndrome as a Scrum Master

When we start our role as Scrum Masters in a new team, sometimes we suffer from the “new guy” syndrome. The new guy is the person that everyone tries to tolerate, but mostly ignore. That’s what happened to Gilberto. How can a Scrum Master recover from “new guy” syndrome in a hierarchical culture? Listen in as we discuss the process with Gilberto.

In this episode we refer to the interview with Karin Tenelius where we discuss a new approach to management of self-organized teams.

About Gilberto Urueta

Gilberto is a Berlin-based Scrum Master. He is passionate about Agile, Lean, Scrum and most of all complexity. He is currently working at Takeaway, a leading online food delivery marketplace in Continental Europe.

You can link with Gilberto Urueta on LinkedIn and connect with Gilberto Urueta on Twitter.


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