Abbas Ghahremani and the anti-pattern of focusing on Agile instead of business impact

In companies that start they Agile transition it is possible to forget that the ultimate goal is for the business to benefit from Agile, not for the business to be Agile.

Agile, as an approach to product development, was created by practitioners that wanted to help their businesses succeed.

In this episode we discuss the case of a company in a fast-changing market, and how the adoption of Agile turned the attention from business impact to process, and what that meant.

About Abbas Ghahremani

Abbas is a Scrum Master who enjoys coaching individuals and teams who are on a journey of developing an agile mindset, focusing on values and principles which will make them work lean, collaborate and generally enjoy work more!

He calls himself an agile and product person focusing on delivering value early and often to customers.

You can link with Abbas Ghahremani on LinkedIn or follow Abbas Ghahremanni on Instagram.

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