Shubhang Vishwamitra on transitioning from Scrum Police to Collaboration Booster

When we work our way through the Scrum Master learning curve, we go through many phases. One of those phases (one that is common for many Scrum Masters) is the Scrum Police phase. Where we focus on form over function, and act as an enforcer, instead of an enabler.

In this episode we discuss how we can grow out of that phase, and what that means for us, in our journey as Scrum Masters.

About Shubhang Vishwamitra

Shubhang is a passionate agile practitioner originally from Bangalore, India. Who’s worked in Japan and Finland and is currently based in London and working as scrum master.

Shubhang has an extensive background in software development and agile delivery model in smartphone, travel and finance industries. He believes that having a technical background helps to connect with teams and ease the flow of discussion in solving complex problems.

You can link with Shubhang Vishwamitra on LinkedIn.


One thought on “Shubhang Vishwamitra on transitioning from Scrum Police to Collaboration Booster”

  1. Excellent insight into the current Agile working model and the challenges faced today. Also good to know how scrum masters can be the bridge in this solving this issues.

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