Using Lean and Agile to save a hospital from bankruptcy: twice! The Bungsu Hospital Story

When Marcus Hammaberg first started to work with the Bungsu hospital they were in a devastating situation. Their finances were on a bottom low after years of decline of patients visiting, their operational permit had not been renewed and they were operating on a probation, the staff was disengaged and blasé … oh, that’s right – the roof of the entire second floor had collapsed.

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But that’s not where the story stopped. The opposite! That’s where the story starts. This is a major transformation story. Here’s how it happened…

To my great surprise, and despite the dire situation the hospital was in, not many people were upset, engaged or even cared about the well-being of the hospital.

Fast forward 1,5 years and you would see a hospital that was making money every day, had recovered its operating permit and also got awards for their services, happy and engaged staff … oh yes, and they had a roof and newly renovated departments where the disaster struck.

We didn’t hire or fire a single person during this time – and all the work in the change was done by the people in the hospital, I merely acted as a guide for new ways of working. In the end, we have turned the hospital from a situation where only the director and her closest staff cared, to a situation where 100 people in the hospital were actively engaged in everyday improvements.

How is this possible? What kind of magic was applied?

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Marcus is the author of Salvation:The Bungsu Story, a fascinating account of a real-life crisis, and how Agile, Lean and Kanban saved the Hospital from bankruptcy! Twice! Get ready for the journey, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

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