Michael Küsters on avoiding Death March with Agile adoption and the help of the team

A software company wins a bid to build a software product. They realise that the time and money they have to deliver that project is way shorter than what they have done in the past. What do you do?

Many companies start their Agile journey in a similar situation. They have chewed too much and it is time to get creative. A few google queries later, and Agile is the next big thing. But now we have two problems: an impossible project and a change process! Listen in to learn how Michael turned the situation around for that client with the help of the team, of course.

About Michael Küsters

Michael helps companies and people become more agile by providing coaching, training and consulting in agile frameworks, principles and mindset.

Michael has consulted for a wide range of companies from small start-up to international corporation, transforming teams, divisions and entire organizations. He is a seasoned veteran with Scrum, Kanban, XP, LeSS and SAFe, Lean and Six Sigma and harnesses this vast experience for his clients’ success.

Michael is a Thought Provoker helping organizations become more agile.

You can link with Michael Küsters on LinkedIn and connect with Michael Küsters on Twitter.

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