Jeff Bubolz on the journey from Agile Skeptic to Agile advocate

An untold story in the Scrum Master community is that not all of us started out as Agilists. That’s my case, and also Jeff’s case. In this episode we explore the personal transformation that Jeff went through: from skeptic to advocate of Agile in his organisation.

How this happened? A high pressure project which Jeff could not solve alone. He had to “take it to the team”, let them solve it on their own. How did they do it? With an Agile approach, of course. Because that’s what you develop when the pressure is high and you want to make sure you succeed. Listen in to learn about Jeff’s journey and how that was affected by how a team reacted to pressure to deliver.

About Jeff Bubolz

Jeff is a speaker, trainer, and agile coach. He has been a Product Owner, Scrum Master and Development Team member. Jeff has worked with enterprise companies to small start-ups. His goal is to end human suffering in organizations, by nudging people to be the change they want to see in the world.

You can link with Jeff Bubolz on LinkedIn and connect with Jeff Bubolz on Twitter.


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