Daniel Hooman: how to move the focus away from change, to make change happen faster

We talk about change, and change becomes the goal. When we talk about other goals, then those other goals become the topic. In this episode we explore how we can make change happen faster by moving the focus away from change, and more into the business goals that justify the change.

In this episode we refer to Lean Change Management by Jason Little, the change model by the name ADKAR, and we talk about Growth Hacking, an agile marketing approach that focuses on growth instead of change management.

About Daniel Hooman

Agile coach from Scrum Data since 2010. Daniel comes from a strong Business intelligence background. He is passionate about large scale product development , organisational structure and culture, being idealistic pragmatist, framework agnostic.

You can link with Daniel Hooman on LinkedIn and connect with Daniel Hooman on Twitter.


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