Daniel Hooman: From Project Management to Agile Product Development, Crossing the Chasm

Daniel started his Agile transition a long time ago, when those adopting were mostly early adopter companies, eager to change. Today, in 2018, we are faced with more and more late majority companies. Companies that may not even be ready to start their transition, but they ply on. In this episode we review some of the challenges you can expect when working with late majority company, and help them Cross the Chasm.

In this episode we refer to The Microsoft Solution Framework  a development process that tries to incorporate Agile good practices in the application development lifecycle developed by Microsoft. The MSF is also available in book format here.

“Crossing the Chasm”, “early adopters” and “late majority” are terms that Moore used in this classic book about technology adoption: Crossing the Chasm, Marketing and Selling High-Tech Products to Mainstream Customers

About Daniel Hooman

Agile coach from Scrum Data since 2010. Daniel comes from a strong Business intelligence background. He is passionate about large scale product development, organisational structure and culture, being idealistic pragmatist, framework agnostic.

You can link with Daniel Hooman on LinkedIn and connect with Daniel Hooman on Twitter.

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