Leonardo Bittencourt on how to go from detailed plan to shared goal

Teams, and their stakeholders tend to think that the more they invest in planning, the easier the work will go. However, there’s a lot of problems a plan does not solve. For example, more time in planning does not ensure we know “why” we are working on a specific product or feature-set. How can we help the teams go from task-orientation to goal-orientation? If we are able to bring in that change, the team is more likely to feel satisfied, the product owner is more likely to get what they want, and ultimately we create the environment for self-organization to emerge.

Listen in to learn about Leonardo’s journey with that team, and how he helped the team and PO go from detailed plan, to a shared Sprint goal.

In this episode we discuss the template for defining a Sprint Goal, by Roman Pichler, whose blog you can find here. And we also talk about David Marquette’s work, whom we’ve interviewed on the Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast.

About Leonardo Bittencourt

Currently Leonardo is a Scrum Master at Equifax Ireland. Focused on building high performance teams through Agile and/or Lean adoption, he is an enthusiastic about Lean and Agile mindset in the Software Development industry as the transformation agent to create great working environment as well as products that matters.

You can link with Leonardo Bittencourt on LinkedIn and connect with Leonardo Bittencourt on Twitter.


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