Chad Beier: avoiding the Death March project management anti-pattern

Many organizations are set up around the concept and idea of projects. Projects are the way we get work approved, funded, controlled, and ultimately released. Organizations set up their governance around projects with the customary PMO (Project Management Office) to help perpetuate the governance pattern. But how do we adopt Agile in this kind of environment. This story is about avoiding Death March projects, and what Chad and his colleagues tried to change. It’s a story about how sometimes we are the “insiders” in the change process, and how hard that role is.

In this episode we refer to an illustrative example of what it is to be an insider in a change process, Gaping Void’s “change the system from the inside” cartoon. We also refer to Steve Denning’s The Agile of Agile book and we even discuss music! Don’t miss Chad signing “Tenessee” a tribute Scrum parody song at Music City Agile.

About Chad Beier

Chad’s first experience with Scrum was in 2005 on a global team responsible for consolidating financial software. After some dark days of death march projects, he left his traditional business analyst and project manager roles behind. He is now consulting organizations as an external change agent and organizational agility advisor.

You can link with Chad Beier on LinkedIn and connect with Chad Beier on Twitter.

Chad’s company is: Whiteboard Consulting.

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