Richard Kasperowski on how to “turn up the good” to help teams succeed

Richard’s perspective is that our Scrum Master success is directly linked to the success of our teams. That much we can all agree. But how do we get there? We discuss the perspective that we need, as Scrum Masters, to help our teams achieve a successful outcome.

In this episde we discuss the “Turn up the good”, an Agile Maxim by Woody Zuill (Check out this interview with Woody Zuill for the details) as the directive for constant change, and improvement in our work with teams.

One possible tool to use when helping teams focus on the good things, and how to improve them further, is the practice of distributing Kudo Cards from Management 3.0.

Retrospective format of the week: The Perfection Game

The Perfection Game is also one of the Core Protocols that help teams focus on improvements, rather than what is not working in their teams. The process is:

  1. Rate your team from 1 to 10, where 10 is best
  2. Say what you like about the team at the moment
  3. Describe what would be needed to get you to rate it as a 10

About Richard Kasperowski

Richard is a speaker, trainer, coach, and author focused on high-performance teams. Richard is the author of The Core Protocols: A Guide to Greatness. He leads clients in building great teams that get great results using the Core Protocols, Agile, and Open Space Technology. Richard created and teaches the class Agile Software Development at Harvard University. Learn more and subscribe to Richard’s newsletter at

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