Miguel Santos uses metrics to define and reach success as a Scrum Master

Miguel shares with us his approach to define and reach a successful outcome of his work. We explore the role of metrics in defining what we should focus on and improve. After all, without data to backup your ideas, you are just another person with an opinion.

Featured Retrospective format for the week: Start-Stop-Continue

When looking at what to improve, what to amplify in our teams, the start-stop-continue retrospective format helps the team identify not only what they want to change or improve, but also those things that are working well. When we find what is working well, we can then amplify that. Select items from the Continue section of the retrospective and ask: how can we benefit even more from this technique?

About Miguel Santos

Miguel is a Brazilian living in Germany and currently Scrum Master for two teams at NewStore. He believes that there is no single methodology (agile or not) to lead projects and teams to success. Because of that, he would like Scrum Masters to be less biased when working with their teams.

You can link with Miguel Santos on LinkedIn and connect with Miguel Santos on Twitter.


One thought on “Miguel Santos uses metrics to define and reach success as a Scrum Master”

  1. just listened to my first scrummaster toolbox podcase – 8th feb podcast which was title using metrics to define & reach success. However, it was a discussion about systems around what the team does…maybe incorrectly titled or mixed up with another podcast episode?

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