Miguel Santos: in Agile there’s NO one-size-fits-all solution

There are plenty of available frameworks, processes, models and other “processed” Agile packages. So many that the distracted Scrum Master can be forgiven for thinking that one of those will work for his team. Unfortunately that’s not the case. Listen to this episode, where Miguel explains how he came to the realization that Agile adoption is just the start of the Agile journey, and what you can do about it as a Scrum Master.

About Miguel Santos

Miguel is a Brazilian living in Germany and currently Scrum Master for two teams at NewStore. He believes that there is no single methodology (agile or not) to lead projects and teams to success. Because of that, he would like Scrum Masters to be less biased when working with their teams.

You can link with Miguel Santos on LinkedIn and connect with Miguel Santos on Twitter.


One thought on “Miguel Santos: in Agile there’s NO one-size-fits-all solution”

  1. Very useful podcast,thank you. I’m from a traditional project Mgment background. I always knew there was a better a way to deliver value & my methods lacked in many ways to deliver business value. I’m glad to have known about Scrum & lot blocks are falling in place & I know there is a better way to create work plans & deliver results in shorter spans & build lasting relationships with stakeholders…thanks to Scrum

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