Viyoma Sachdeva on how measuring individuals can destroy teams

The team was being asked to measure individual velocity and compare that with each other’s velocity. Problems ensued! In this episode, we talk about the individual focus, and why that may be catastrophic for the teams. How do we get out of that anti-pattern? That’s the topic of today’s episode, where we share alternative metrics and other tools that can help the team focus again on collective success.

Featured Book: Start with Why, by Simon Sinek







Viyoma uses the lessons from this book in her own work. She found the inspiration and tools to find the “Why” in every situation. Read: Start with Why, by Simon Sinek.


About Viyoma Sachdeva

Viyoma has over 11 years of experience in Software and Product development across different domains and phases of software development cycle. She is a certified Scrum Master and Product Owner and has worked in an Agile delivery model for the last 6 years. Her experience includes many different domains like Marketing, manufacturing, retail and Public sector and she has worked in a patent of Epidemic disease predictions.

Viyoma believes that the Agile mindset and practices are keys to solve complex problems.

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