Krisztina Sajgo-Kalo recommends: measure and visualize everything!

At the start of her journey, Krisztina did not measure success. Later she started measuring many things and making those metrics visible. Over time, she realized that the team benefited from that information and she was also able to assess her own impact on the team. Listen in to learn how Krisztina started using the metrics for her, and her team’s success.


Retrospective format of the week: Simple, yet effective format and a special tip

Good facilitation is a major part of a good Retrospective. This week Krisztina introduces the Scrum Games format for the Retrospective, and shares a very special tip that makes Retrospectives the best moments of the Sprint for the team.


About Krisztina Sajgo-Kalo

Krisztina is a Senior IT manager with experience of several aspects of IT management on different levels as well as methodologies used. Originally from Hungary, she has worked in many countries. First as a tester, the project manager, test manager and many other roles.

You can link with Krisztina Sajgo-Kalo on LinkedIn.

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