Christiaan Verwijs on why self-organization is the metric for the team’s success

If we want to reduce the definition of success to one metric, then it is hard to argue with the “level of self-organization”. And that simple metric means so much, it drives so much of the improvements we want to see in the teams and organizations we work with.

In this episode we review why that might be the most important metric for us to follow-up on regularly, and what that means in practice. Including signs that self-organization is happening.

Featured retrospective format of the week

In this week we review the TRIZ retrospective. A format that, as Christiaan puts it, turns everything on its head, and creates a fresh perspective. Check out the description of the TRIZ facilitation technique.

About Christiaan Verwijs

Christiaan is passionate about building awesome products and creating motivating workplaces. He has extensive experience in both software engineering (b.Ec) and organizational psychology (M.Sc). He does this through his company Agilistic, where he helps, train and coach organizations.

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