Christiaan Verwijs on how a CEO became a better leader with the help of a Scrum Master

We see Scrum be used more and more to help manage teams in all industries. In this episode, we explore a story of how a Scrum Master, Christiaan, helped a CEO step back and allow the team to flourish. This helped both the CEO and the team, and as a result, the company achieves success.

In this episode, we discuss some of the lessons from a previous BONUS episode with David Marquet, author of Turn the Ship Around!

About Christiaan Verwijs

Christiaan is passionate about building awesome products and creating motivating workplaces. He has extensive experience in both software engineering (b.Ec) and organisational psychology (M.Sc). He does this through his company Agilistic, where he helps, train and coach organizations.

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