BONUS: JB Rainsberger on Fearless Agile Adoption

In this special episode, we welcome JB Rainsberger. An experienced Agilist from Extreme Programming background. We start the episode discussing what are the patterns of Agile adoption that work in practice. During that conversation, we discuss also a good way to help others “get” what Agile is about. JB has developed this approach over the years and learned from many failed attempts to “sell” Agile. We also refer to the work by Gerry Weinberg on how to be a consultant to your organization.

Anti-patterns of Agile adoption and why they don’t work

But there are also patterns of Agile adoption that don’t work. We discuss those patterns and whey they don’t work. JB shares his experience with the adoption of Extreme Programming, an opinionated Agile approach that started from the development teams and was popular when JB got started on his Agile journey.

During his adoption, JB discovered and started looking into Theory of Constraints(ToC) as a way to understand the problems in adoption he was facing. Through that process, he learned a method for introducing change in a team that is inspired by ToC, and he shares that method with us in this episode.

Fearless Agile Adoption

We end this episode by reviewing some of the concrete practices that JB uses in his work as an Agile Coach and consultant. His advice is simple: create the motivation for fearless action. Help the teams act despite their fear! Listen in to learn how JB accomplishes that goal.


About JB Rainsberger

B. Rainsberger (Twitter @jbrains, helps software companies better satisfy their customers and the businesses they support. He’s an Extreme Programming fundamentalist but in a *good* way. He helps software professionals increase their capacity to deliver value for their employer, their teammates, and most importantly for themselves. When he isn’t wandering Europe helping clients and attending conferences, he helps clients from the comfort of his home in Atlantic Canada, one conversation at a time.

You can link with JB Rainsberger on LinkedIn and connect with JB Rainsberger on Twitter.

If you want to know more about JB’s work you can check his website, or ask JB Rainsberger question on Invite your developers to visit JB Rainsberger’s Test Driven Development course. JB Rainsberger blog is at

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