Barry Overeem from Project Management to Scrum Master

There are many paths to the Scrum Master role. One that is quite common in the IT industry is that of moving from Project Management to being a Scrum Master. As you’d expect there are quite big differences. In this episode, we talk about those differences and what Project Managers must take into account when changing their role to Scrum Master.

In this episode, we talk about a paper that Barry authored where he describes the 8 stances of a Scrum Master. A good list to have in mind, especially when transitioning from Project Management to Scrum Master.

If you are on your journey from Project Management to Scrum Master you might be interested in this episode with Danilo Tambone who made that transition himself!

About Barry Overeem

Barry, the learning facilitator as he calls his blog, considers himself a 100% Scrum Master. It’s such a comprehensive and interesting role that he gives it his full focus and keeps learning and discovering new aspects every day!

You can link with Barry Overeem on LinkedIn and connect with Barry Overeem on Twitter.

You can also check the many resources that Barry Overeem shares on his website!

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