Saad Ali Jan shares anti-patterns that help detect systemic impediments

There are many things that affect the performance of the team. Deming famously stated that 95% of the performance of a team is due to systemic conditions, while only 5% are due to individual performance. In this episode we review some of the anti-patterns that Saad Ali faced in his career, and how looking at the system conditions helps us as Scrum Masters to understand the dynamics affecting our teams, and decide how to act.



About Saad Ali Jan

Coming from diverse background. Saad Ali’s career consists of several different domains. From Electronics Engineering, starting as a Project co-ordinator, lately completed his MBA and worked as Quality Assurance Engineer and process optimization. Started his career as a full time Scrum master some 2 years ago. Being a “people person” helped him in his role. Professional cricket player and played with several cricket team back in Pakistan and still playing in Germany in Bundesliga. Dealing with players and helping them to become high performing teams also helped his professional career.  

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