Saad Ali Jan on the process of adopting Agile and Scrum from scratch

At some point in our careers we will probably face a situation when Scrum and Agile are being introduced to an organization that worked only with other approaches before. This kind of green-field adoption processes have specific challenges that we must be aware of. In this episode, Saad Ali tells us the story of an organization that started from scratch; what problems he faced; what anti-patterns he detected; and also how the organization adapted to the new ways of working. Teams, stakeholder, and of course, also the Scrum Masters.



About Saad Ali Jan

Coming from diverse background. Saad Ali’s career consists of several different domains. From Electronics Engineering, starting as a Project co-ordinator, lately completed his MBA and worked as Quality Assurance Engineer and process optimization. Started his career as a full time Scrum master some 2 years ago. Being a “people person” helped him in his role. Professional cricket player and played with several cricket team back in Pakistan and still playing in Germany in Bundesliga. Dealing with players and helping them to become high performing teams also helped his professional career.  

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