Saad Ali Jan and the story of the team that did not dare to take ownership

Often we deal with managers, product owners, stakeholders that want to control the teams we work with. This anti-pattern is so common that sometimes the teams assume that is what they are dealing with even when the stakeholders don’t want to exercise control over the team. How to tackle that mistrust? In this episode Saad Ali tells us the story of a team that had to develop that trust with the Product Owner, and explains how the Product Owner and himself changed their behavior to allow the team to take ownership and responsibility over the development process, and finally to actively contribute to the product they were developing.

In this episode we refer to The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team by Lencioni, and Roman Pichler’s Product Vision Board as tools that can help the team work better with stakeholders and the product owner.



About Saad Ali Jan

Coming from diverse background. Saad Ali’s career consists of several different domains. From Electronics Engineering, starting as a Project co-ordinator, lately completed his MBA and worked as Quality Assurance Engineer and process optimization. Started his career as a full time Scrum master some 2 years ago. Being a “people person” helped him in his role. Professional cricket player and played with several cricket team back in Pakistan and still playing in Germany in Bundesliga. Dealing with players and helping them to become high performing teams also helped his professional career.  

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