Philiy Lander on the role of silence in the Scrum Master work

In our journey to impactful work, and our success as Scrum Masters, one of the key tools we have to learn how to use is silence. And it just so happens that our ability and need to be silent (or not) can be used as a personal metric for our own success. In this episode we talk about the role of silence in our work as Scrum Masters as well 2 other metrics you can take in and use to measure your progress.

In this episode we mention The 5 Dysfunctions of a team by Lencioni and The Ladder of Inference, a tool we should be aware of to help in our conversations.

About Philiy Lander

Philiy has been working as a scrum master for about 3 years and is currently studying  her masters in business and personal coaching. She has been part of Adventures with Agile for about  year and loves contributing and being involved with the community.

You can link with Philiy Lander on LinkedIn and connect with Philiy Lander on Twitter.

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