Mattia Battiston on the importance of hiring the right people for the team

Hiring great people is not an easy job. Mattia shares the story of how hiring the very capable, but not good team-player team members can threaten the very existence of the team. Mattia also shares what he learned about the hiring process, and how that can help you hire the right people for your team!

In this episode we refer to the research by Dr. Anita Woolley about the collective intelligence of teams (also available in a video summary), and what factors affect teams performance. We also refer to Google’s project Aristotle, a project that studied the performance of teams (and another article) and what affects them.

About Mattia Battiston

Mattia is a software developer and team leader with a great passion for learning and continuous improvement. He has been interested in everything to do with Agile and helping teams improve since the beginning of his career 10 years ago. Mattia uses Kanban, Lean and Agile to help teams strive to get better.

You can link with Mattia Battiston on LinkedIn and connect with Mattia Battiston on Twitter.

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