2017 first 6 months Top Episodes, #2: David Williams discusses change management and visual task boards

This is a JUMBO episode with David where we talk about change management, how to engage with teams that are involved in change as well as how to help them overcome their fear of change.

But this is also a JUMBO episode because David shares with us many tips on how to help teams take the most out of Visual Task Boards. Listen in to get many, many ideas on how to improve the way your teams use physical Task Boards.

In this episode we mention the book Lean Change Management by Jason Little.

About David Williams

David is an experienced manager with excellent product management and project management skills using agile principles. Extensive experience managing teams and developing for embedded, PC and web based software and electronics for scientific and industrial applications.

He is passionate about creating teams with innovative cultures that are fully engaged in their work that is aligned to the company’s strategy for success.

His focus points are:

Delivering projects with the highest business value
Building high performance teams, that work hard and are passionate and fully engaged
Creating an innovative culture that everyone wants to be part of so that we can make a difference
Understanding people and getting them to work together in a safe environment where they can take risks.
Designing products that exceed the customer’s wildest dreams.
Embracing and driving change

You can link with David Williams on LinkedIn and connect with David Williams on Twitter.

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