Tom Taylor on the importance of systemic feedback loops

When looking at the systems we work within, it is imperative to understand and build the necessary feedback loops that help us understand what is going on. It is not enough to have feedback loops at the team level. The product feedback loops as well as the organizational feedback loops are the tools that enable us to understand what is going on and how to achieve what we seek. Tom shares some caveats for metrics we often use and several tools we can use to understand the system we work within. After all, feedback loops are information, not the whole picture.

About Tom Taylor

With interests like Tai Chi and Stand-up Paddleboarding, Tom’s always been attracted to concepts of flow and balance.  As an Agilist at Pegasystems, Tom applies these interests directly as a Scrum Master with our Engineering teams, and fosters organizational excellence throughout Pega.

He’s been a Certified Scrum Master for over 4 years, and is also a certified as an Agile Facilitator/Coach, as well as a Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Agilist and a Kanban Management Professional II.

You can link with Tom Taylor on LinkedIn, or shoot him at email at

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