Paolo D’Incau on the technical excellence anti-pattern

go to link It can be hard to help teams understand that there’s life beyond code. So hard, that sometimes teams choose to focus only on the technical excellence, without any regard to the impact they have on the business they are part of and contributors to. In the episode Paolo shares with us his experience with a team that was focused on the technical side, but had no idea how their software contributed to the business they were part of. At the end we also discuss how to break free from this anti-pattern. In this episode we refer to a few resources for retrospectives. One of them is retromat, a resource for plans and ideas for retrospectives.

source url In this episode we also refer to the high-performance tree concept from Lyssa Adkins. Finally, we also refer to the book Maverick! By Ricardo Semler. About Paolo D’Incau

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follow url Paolo is a passionate agile developer. He spent hist first years of “agile” learning the technical practices but with time he understood that people, culture and values always come first.


Paolo practices and recommends the adoption of eXtreme Programming. In the projects he has worked on so far he has experienced the benefits of building small and big systems adopting practices such as Pair Programming, Test Driven Development, Continuous Delivery and infrastructure automation.

You can link with Paolo D’Incau on LinkedIn and connect with Paolo D’Incau on Twitter.

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