BONUS: How to get hired as a Scrum Master and the results from the Salary Survey

Stefan was a guest on the show and a guest writer in our blog. At that time we briefly spoke about the great work he’s been doing on the recruiting process for Scrum Masters. In the blog he wrote on “Peer Recruiting: How to Hire a Scrum Master in Agile Times” he shared some concrete tips for those of you hiring Scrum Masters for your organizations. However, we – Scrum Masters – also need some guidance on how to get ready for those interviews. Being ready may be the difference between failing or getting to the next step in the recruitment process. So in this episode we focus on what we, as Scrum Masters, need to do to get ready and get that next job we want.

A resource for Agilists to be on par with the latest developments

We start by reviewing one key resource for all agilists: the Food for Thought Newsletter that Stefan has been curating for years. In this resource he regularly reviews 1000+ sources and distills that into a weekly newsletter that helps Product Owners, Scrum Masters and agilists in general to be on par with the latest developments in the field.

A resource for those hiring Scrum Masters

Stefan has also been hiring, and helping customers hire, Scrum Masters. In that process he developed a specific step-by-step approach to ensure the quality of the candidates as well as the right kind of engagement for HR and teams looking to hire a Scrum Master. This “38+6 Scrum Master interview questions” e-book, which has been downloaded more than 9000 times(!) is an invaluable resource that helps you make the right choices when it comes to hiring the right Scrum Master for your company.

How to get hired as a Scrum Master or Agile Coach

For the audience of the podcast the reverse is more interesting: how to get hired as a Scrum Master? We need to get ready if we want to get that next job. So Stefan shares his views, after many years hiring Scrum Masters, on how to get hired as a Scrum Master. And as a bonus he shares with us the results of a survey he’s been running to benchmark Scrum Master salaries around the world.

We end the episode with Stefan’s views on the career for Scrum Masters. What are the opportunities and challenges in the near future.

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About Stefan Wolpers

Stefan has been working as agile coach and product owner for fast growing, mainly Berlin-based startups for about 10 years. He is writing on hiring agile practitioners, Why agile fails?, and curates Age of Product’s “Food for Agile Thought” newsletter.

You can link with Stefan Wolpers on LinkedIn and connect with Stefan Wolpers on Twitter.

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