Paru Madhavan on the personal and team aspects of success for Scrum Masters

When we start our journey as Scrum Masters, many of us start from the perspective that the team is the focus of our work, and the product is the outcome a job well done. However, we also need to consider our own development as people and Scrum Masters. Paru shares her thoughts on both the team and the personal aspects of our successful journey as Scrum Masters.

About Paru Madhavan

Paru works as Scrum Master across two squads at OFX. She’s worked in Agile teams and in various roles such as Business Analyst, Product Owner and Scrum Master since 2011. To her, Agile and software development just go hand in hand!

You can link with Paru Madhavan on LinkedIn and connect with Paru Madhavan on Twitter.

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