Paru Madhavan asks us to focus on the team, to understand the system

Start with the team! Paru asks us to consider the team when looking at the overall system. We can use the Squad Health Check (also the Atlassian version) survey or some other similar tool to understand how the system is influencing the performance of the team. As we go through the questions, then consider how the external (to the team) factors may be influencing the team. Listen in to learn how Paru uses these tools and other tools to help understand the system around the team.

About Paru Madhavan

Paru works as Scrum Master across two squads at OFX. She’s worked in Agile teams and in various roles such as Business Analyst, Product Owner and Scrum Master since 2011. To her, Agile and software development just go hand in hand!

You can link with Paru Madhavan on LinkedIn and connect with Paru Madhavan on Twitter.

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