Scott Seivwright on the dangers of taking Scrum too seriously

Scrum is a framework that helps us focus on the activities that are most likely to lead to a reliable delivery on a specific cadence (the sprint). However, there are many aspects of Scrum that are just supporting that overall goal. What happens when we take those supporting elements too seriously, like the role of stakeholders who are not in the team? The famous (or infamous) Chicken and Pig story of Scrum is still causing problems today. Listen in to Scott to understand what happened and how to approach it if it happens to you.

In this episode we refer to Tom Gilb and the Impostor syndrome.

About Scott Seivwright

Scott works as  Scrum Master, transformation lead and Agile coach. He is passionate about building great teams and create great places to work. He is interested in Agile, Management 3.0 and constantly looking for  better ways of working. You can link with Scott Seivwright on LinkedIn and connect with Scott Seivwright on Twitter.

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