Scott Seivwright on the critical role of the Scrum Master

What is our critical role in an organization? Help the team? Protect the team? Remove impediments? Surely you’ve heard of all of these being a critical role for the Scrum Master. But what if that’s not the case? What if the role of the Scrum Master is quite different from what you have been told thus far? Check out this episode to learn about what is the critical role of the Scrum Master according to Scott Seivwright.

About Scott Seivwright

Scott works as  Scrum Master, transformation lead and Agile coach. He is passionate about building great teams and create great places to work. He is interested in Agile, Management 3.0 and constantly looking for  better ways of working. You can link with Scott Seivwright on LinkedIn and connect with Scott Seivwright on Twitter.

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