Scott Seivwright explains the Agile Bubble and the problems that come from that

Developers working Agile? Great! But what happens when none of the organization outside the team works that way, or even understands what it means? Burn-out follows, for sure! How we handle the organization’s reaction (or counter-reaction) to the Agile teams is extremely critical in an Agile adoption process. Scott shares with us his learnings from such a story.

In this episode we refer to the Death March projects (check out Death March by Yourdon), the #NoEstimates Book and the SAFe House of Lean.

About Scott Seivwright

Scott works as  Scrum Master, transformation lead and Agile coach. He is passionate about building great teams and create great places to work. He is interested in Agile, Management 3.0 and constantly looking for  better ways of working. You can link with Scott Seivwright on LinkedIn and connect with Scott Seivwright on Twitter.

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