Nabeel Ansar on the 5 criteria for Scrum Master success

In this career, Nabeel faced many problems as a Scrum Master and change agent. Being able to overcome those problems is only part of the process for our own personal and professional growth. The continued growth is facilitated by the benchmark, or success criteria that we build for ourselves. Listen in to learn the 5 criteria that Nabeel uses to assess his own growth.

About Nabeel Ansar

Nabeel has a diverse experience in Software test Automation for web and mobile, software Engineering and product development. Nabeel can help assemble an implementation team, and lead that team to a successful outcome. He can also asses and improve your already in place software development processes. Nabeel’s passion it to provide Agile coaching (true Agility) and can train individuals and entire departments.

You can link with Nabeel Ansar on LinkedIn and connect with Nabeel Ansar on Twitter.

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