Anti Kirjavainen on how important it is to recognise your own belief system

There are many things we take for granted, our beliefs, that prevent us from improving or seeing how things could be done differently. Teams are not immune to that phenomenon, Teams also have their own belief systems. Antti explains how they can affect teams and how to help them get out of their belief “box”.

About Antti Kirjavainen

Antti is an experienced coach and an entrepreneur. He defines himself as a knowledge work management thinker, product development coach, a licensed Management 3.0 facilitator. He wants to help teams and organisations maximise their collaboration, success and fun in knowledge work.

Antti’s background is in games and software development. Antti works at Flowa, an Agile consultancy in Finland.

You can link with Antti Kirjavainen on LinkedIn and connect with Antti Kirjavainen on Twitter.

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