Philipp Eisbacher on systemic metrics and customer interaction

Philipp works in a contractor for software development, and – as he says – the customer interaction is one of the key system conditions. How we work with, how often we meet, etc. are just some of the possible system conditions we need to look into. But he also gives examples of some of the system metrics that can help us understand if our efforts to improve the system have an impact.

About Philipp Eisbacher

Philip works as a ScrumMaster and Lead. Recently moved to Berlin to face a new challenge in setting up a new site for his company and building up teams from scratch. His current challenges are remote collaboration, corporate growth and finding a good butcher in Berlin for the next Barbecue Season. He wants to share his problems, but also insights that he gets on a daily basis.

You can link with Philipp Eisbacher on LinkedIn and connect with Philipp Eisbacher on Twitter.

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