Carolina Gorosito shares a technique for high-stakes, high-risk Retrospectives

Retrospectives are one of the most challenging aspects for us as Scrum Masters. Retrospectives drive the teams insane because they question their sense of security. They Retrospectives drive Scrum Masters insane because it is a high-pressure, fail-prone meeting. Retrospectives drive stakeholders insane because they can cause communication problems, or escalations that they will then have to tackle. With this kind of pressure we need a technique that helps us surface problems in a safe way, and help the teams understand their own situation without a major break-down. Carolina explains the Constellation exercise and how that can help us with high-stakes Retrospectives.

For more information on the Constellation retrospective technique read Carolina’s article on the Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast blog.

About Carolina Gorosito

Carolina is a natural connector and team enabler, great at finding people’s strengths and helping them combine their skills to become hi performers in the organisations and obtain better results every day.

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