Alexandre Thibault on the failure to have the right support for Agile adoption

Agile is not something a team can adopt in isolation. The people who interact with that team need to adopt it as well. Alexandre shares with us the story of a CEO that did not adopt Agile, but asked the teams to do so. In this episode we talk about what happened, why it is important to get that kind of stakeholders to adopt Agile.

Some of the links we discuss on this show:

About Alexandre Thibault

Alexandre is a Canadian computer scientist that became ScrumMaster and Agile Coach after 15 years as a programmer. For 4 years now, he helps directors and managers creating work environments where team members are engaged in their work using intrinsic motivation.

You can link with Alexandre Thibault on LinkedIn and connect with Alexandre Thibault on Twitter.

One thought on “Alexandre Thibault on the failure to have the right support for Agile adoption”

  1. I see that problems with Scrum and Agile are the same around the world 🙂 I’m talking about hiding, ceos, pressure. Thanks for sharing this. I also believe that we need to work with top mgmt so we can really solve problems. Waiting for more.

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