Adolfo Foronda joins for a very special announcement

In this episode we announce a very special project that we have started preparing.

Listen in and let us know what you think. You can reach Adolfo at and you can reach Vasco at

During this episode we mention a special survey that will help us help you with this new project we announce. You can fill-in the survey and make your voice heard here:

After you’ve heard the announcement, don’t hesitate and get in touch with us. We want to know more about what you think of the project and how we can help you further with this project.

Email us, or just drop us a line on twitter. You can find Vasco on twitter or Adolfo on twitter.


About Adolfo Foronda

Adolfo Foronda has been a front end developer, content management, and ux specialist since the early 90’s. He’s worked with a number of silicon valley startups, financial institutions, and is the founder of Nerd Stalker Media and the Nerd Stalker podcast. Adolfo is a rabid advocate and constructive critic of Agile.

You can link with
Adolfo Foronda on LinkedIn and connect with Adolfo Foronda on Twitter. Adolfo’s work can be followed on Nerd Stalker media.  


About Vasco Duarte

Vasco Duarte is a managing partner at Oikosofy where he wants to change the world, one company at a time. He’s also the regular host for the Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast. Vasco transforms product development organizations into product business organizations. He does that by creating environments where success is inevitable.

He’s grown business from 0 to 10 million or from 300K to 5 million, always helping focusing the work of the product development teams on the end-to-end life-cycle of their products. From Concept to Cash and Back! Agile practitioner since 2004, Vasco has worked in small, medium and large software organizations as an Agile Coach or leader in agile adoption at those organizations.

You can link with Vasco Duarte on LinkedIn and connect with Vasco Duarte on Twitter.

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